Sunday, May 11, 2008

We're Alive !

It's about time I stopped working long enough to make a post... at least to let everyone know we're still alive! I have never, ever, ever gone this long without posting to the blog. So, I'm going to make up for it with several subject in this "catch-up" post.

Here I am, sipping a birthday Sangria, with friends June Dorner and DiAnn Heath. The husbands were sitting on the other side of the table.

And, here is Max hanging out with an old car. Even though he can't do the actual restoration work anymore, he still loves to look. Instead of going to the BIG Apple Blossom Parade, we headed over to the Douglas County Park where the Classy Chassis cars were on display. Max still has two classic cars of his own, which he lovingly keeps safely stored. Whenever J.R. comes up to visit, they usually get them out of storage and take them for a carbon-burning spin.

The week-end before the BIG parade was the annual Youth Parade. My friend, and business partner, Shelley (waving in the pic) headed up the committee in charge of the John Newbery Elementary School float. I think it was the most fun and colorful entry of the year.

Yesterday, I took the time to stop by and visit my friend Amy Greenhalgh and her 8-month old baby, Shelby. I had not seen the baby since before we left for California so she has grown A LOT. I've got to get out more often!

Amy's Mom, Patti, was visiting from Las Vegas so it was fun seeing her again too.

Grandma Patti was enjoying spending time with the baby while Amy got to work in the yard. I can't believe Amy was doing this dirty job by herself while Troy was at work. I would have definitely been looking for some professional help! But, Amy used to be a Park Ranger, so I think she likes a good excuse to get dirty.

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