Sunday, March 04, 2007

McMural in Toppenish

I just love all the beautiful murals in downtown Toppenish but was surprised to find a McDonald's had also gotten into the spirit.

Toppenish is a good rest stop location, so we generally stop her to get Max a chocolate milk shake and me a coke.

Anyway, there was a beautiful mural of Ronald McDonald giving balloons to some Indian children. I made a post with some of the other beautiful murals in downtown Toppenish in May of last year. Click here to access them. Be sure to click on the various images to enlarge them.

These pictures hardly do the real one justice, but I had to try. The upper left is most of the full mural, and lower right is a close-up to "try" to give you an indication to the detail. I guess, an a non-artist type person I am just blown away by such talent.

Sunset in Corbett, Oregon

The sun was setting on our wonderful winter vacation, after over 6 weeks away from home. One more night and less than 6 hours of driving and we'd be back in the comfort of our own home in Wenatchee. Trips are always fun, but getting home is always oh so sweet.
After two long days on the road, we arrived at Clair & Beverly's house in Corbett on Saturday night. We arrived just as the sun was setting and I was compelled to take a few pictures from the deck before I even announced our arrival. It was almost too late. Clair & Beverly have a fabulous view west toward Portland and they get lots of wonderful sunsets. This is just example.

We had a nice visit during the evening then Max & I enjoyed a trip to the hot tub... then Clair gave each of us a nice massage so we could sleep good. That was a nice treat.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Weather Delay

Whenever we travel we watch the weather channel for the storm patterns that might affect our journey. Our scheduled departure from Palm Springs on March 1st didn't look too good because of storms coming through the Siskiyou Mountains where we would be traveling on March 2nd. We spoke to our condo landlord and they gave us permission to stay a few extra days (at no charge) if we wanted to. We did decide to stay one extra day which was all we needed for the weather pattern to clear for smooth sailing home.

With the bonus day, Dorothy McIntire, invited me to join her at one final ladies day event at Cathedral Canyon Country Club. At the upper left are Dorothy, right, and another member named Marge. Not sure of her last name. Anyway, we had a great time and it was a perfect day for one last game.

After golf, I went back to the condo and packed up for an early morning departure the next day. Here is Max standing in the flower bed in front of the condo we'd be saying goodbye to early the next morning.

We've learned that it's best to get out early in order to get over to I-5 before the morning rush hour traffic hits. We were out of our driveway in Palm Springs by 4:00 a/m. and in stop-n-go rush hour traffic by 5:59 am. Once we hit I-5 at 7:00 a/ was smooth sailing from there on. I am sooooo glad I don't have to deal with that traffic everyday. Wenatchee here we come!