Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Good News and The Bad News

The good news is: J.R. and his girlfriend, Janice, (pronouced Ja-neece) came up this week-end and gave us the news they are getting married. We really like Janice and will be happy to have her in the family. The bad news is, it sounds like they will wait until J.R. gets back from Iraq... his second deployment. He will return in August of 2009, so not sure when the wedding will take place after that.

In the background of the pictures, of course, is one of JR's restoration projects. These pictures were taken just before they took Max out to the car storage to "visit" Max's two classic cars. They took the red convertible out for a spin up to Lake Chelan and back. Next month when J.R. comes back for his last visit before going to Iraq, he promised to take Max out in the blue Buick Riviera. Max will love that.

Also, they presented me with a really beautiful bouquet of delayed Mother's Day flowers. I like this Janice... she's having a very good influence on J.R.!!!

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