Monday, May 26, 2008

There's No Keeping Up Now

The race is on between me and the rose garden. I did some serious pruning in the roses this week-end, but the untrained eye would never know. the 96 gallon garbage can knows!

The rose bushes were to the point where you couldn't even get between the bushes and there was no way to get to the back row for harvesting OR pruning !

Anyway, in spite of the pruning, it's still prolific and we'll have a hard time keeping up with the crop. We have been cutting bouquets of roses all week-end and I probably pruned away ten times that many. Now that I have the bushes themselves somewhat under control, I can actually get around the garden to do some leaf clean-up from last year and weeding from this year. I am hoping to hire someone to do the actual weeding. I did enough of that this week-end to know that I prefer to use my brain over my brawn.

These rose bushes are getting old and we may have to seriously consider a new design for this space sometime in the next year or two. Might be fun to try a new look.

We did our part for reducing the nation's dependence on oil by staying home ALL week-end. The longest trip we took was to East Wenatchee for Chinese food for dinner tonight.

In addition to the roses, we are grpwomg a new crop of tomatoes planted on April 6th. This is our second crop in the Aero-Garden that Max got for Christmas. I just love watching these plants grow. We have two Red tomato plants and one Golden tomato plant. They are currently 9 inches tall, but I've done a lot of pruning to keep them compact and so they don't get gangly. According to the instructions, this establishes a stronger main stem to support the big crop.

On another subject, we have found a great day respite care center for Max to go to when I am out running about for business. It is at the Grace Lutheran church and they are open Monday - Thursday from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. It's a good change atmosphere for Max... and a welcome relief for me not to worry about him when I am not home. He loves to work in the yard, but his balance is not good and he has taken a couple of tumbles. Fortunately, he hasn't hurt himself and we'd like to keep it that way. The church has two or three people on duty at all times and they visit and have lunch and play games... and nap whenever they want! Sounds like a schedule I would like! :-)

We're adjusting to life changes. I'm wearing many more hats but Max has been a gem about accepting his increasing limitations. As much as he hates not being able to work in the yard and do other jobs around the house, he does understand the risk involved. I feel very grateful for that. There is nothing worse than having to argue to protect the ones you love.

Well, that's the report from the Williams house. Would love to hear what's up in YOUR life.


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