Saturday, September 15, 2007

Baby Shelby Lee

Our friends Amy and Troy's new baby finally arrived Thursday (two weeks late). I got to hold the baby and she did a big dump right there in my arms. The rule is whoever is holding the baby when the pooping happens is the one who does the diaper changing. But, Troy took pity on me and did the deed for me. Thanks Troy!

Take a close look at the baby. Click on the image to enlarge. That is one substantial head of black hair! This baby is only 2 1/2 days old and she already needs a haircut.

Mommy had a tough delivery but she and the baby are doing fine now and will probably be allowed to go home tomorow. Then I'll get some more pictures of the WHOLE family together.

Cousin Shirley & Richard

It was so nice have my cousin Shirley come visit, if even for a short time. They arrived on Monday afternoon and headed back home early Wednesday. But, we did have time to celebrate our 24th anniversary together and do some other stuff.

On Tuesday night we all went to the Oakwood Bar and Grill to watch Florence do Karaoke. Florence is really into (and good at) Karaoke, but I maintain there aren't enough drugs or alcohol in the world to get me to get up in public and sing!

Max & Carol Williams - 24 Years Of Love

I'm way behind on my posting, but this was our anniversary week... 24 years! Guess I'd better catch up.

My cousin Shirley, from Eugene, and her friend Richard arrived in time to help us celebrate. Actually one of Shirley's very best childhood friends lives in Wenatchee now too and we ALL went out to dinner to celebrate.

Here is the tribe after dinner at Applebee's in Wenatchee. From left to right: Florence, John, Carol, Max, Shirley, Richard.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Quck Trip To Montana

We took a quick trip to Missoula, Montana to spend a couple of days with Connie & Bill. They've been motor homing since May, were spending some time in Idaha, and we all decided to meet up in Missoula for a couple of days.

We hadn't really been anywhere all summer, so thought it was time to get out of town for a few days. We drove over Tuesday and had a nice dinner at a local steak place. To the upper left is Max, me and Connie hamming it up with the big bear protecting the entrance to the restaurant.

On Wednesday we took a short road trip south from Missoula to Hamilton and Darby. We were all amazed at how many log home building companies there were centered in this particular area.

Here is a picture of Max, Connie and Bill in front of the St. Mary's Mission in Hamilton, Montana... and also enjoying some seriously good (and generous portioned) ice cream cones in Darby, Montana.

Here I am just strolling down the sidewalk in Hamilton.

On the way home Thursday we stopped at the famous Lincoln 10,000 Silver Dollar gift shop, restaurant and casino. Mostly we stopped to pick up some memorabalia from our trip.

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