Monday, December 01, 2008

The Barn... Or Is That a Chalet?

On our way home from the beach yesterday, we stopped for a quick visit with Clair & Beverly in Corbett. Clair met us at the front door wanting to know if we wanted to go see his new barn. Didn't ask if we need a drink or to go potty... just wanted to show off his barn.

Well, that barn is one big honker! It's taller than two giraffes standing one on top of the other. I'm not sure actually how tall it is, but it's tall. If you take a look at the picture, the two doors are each 12 feet high, so that can give you some perspective of the size. The picture at the end of this paragraph is taken from the steps to the loft. I'm not even on the top step or I would have had to use the telephoto lens.

This barn (or is that a chalet with a garage underneath) has a loft, with French doors, for Beverly's art studio where she can paint and write and practice her violin.

Clair did make us a very nice turkey noodle soup for lunch and we visited for a couple hours before getting back on the road. We got home about 8:15 Sunday night.

Below are pictures of the original old tractor from when Clair and Beverly first got their berry farm going (many moons ago) AND the new tractor, both of which now have a comfy new home in the Chalet... I mean the barn.

Happy Holiday Season...


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