Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008 Golf Bags Christmas Party

Today was the annual "Golf Bags" Christmas party, which was so graciously hosted by Claudia Speer. I didn't get to play much golf this year but they were gracious enough to let me attend the party anyway. BUT, they said next year I have to play golf or I'm banned from any celebrations at Christmas time in 2009. So, now I have an ultimatum and I'll just have to make time to play because I don't want to miss this event next year!

Attendees were most of the regular Tuesday golfing group. Starting left to right...
Back row: Janet, Sharon, Marly, Linda, Elaine, Darlene
Middle row: Sherry, Carol, MaryLou, Rita, Sherry, Donna
Front row: Chips, Claudia, June, Rita

Everyone brought a salad or dessert and we had a lovely buffett. It was an awesome variety of scrumptious delights.

It was a very cold but beautiful sunny day and the views from Claudia's deck were fabulous.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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