Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Holiday Season

I am one of the people who hates the early retail attempts to sell Christmas stuff. I just hate it (and threaten boycott) when I see Christmas decorations come out in September (or even October for that matter).

Today is the first day I woke up and felt inclined to use a seasonal mug for my morning coffee. As the last Saturday before Thanksgiving (and the winter nip in the air) I can now be happy and accepting that the holiday season is upon us.

That being said, we don't really have any particular holiday plans. With Max Jr in Iraq (second tour of duty) and the other kids spread out, we don't have any guests coming that we know of yet. But, we're still open if someone decides they want to make the trek for a good old fashioned home cooked meal with turkey and all the trimmings.

I am busy, busy, busy and having fun, fun, fun with my new real estate company. Shelley and I are so blessed to be doing well when so many other agents have taken second jobs to supplement their income during tough times. We were lucky (or extremely wise) to expand heavily into Property Management as a steady source of income for us. The real estate crisis seems to have enhanced the demand for rentals as people just can't buy right now for various reasons. That has been good for us.

Well, Max is taking a nap and I'm off to an appointment so will sign of for now.

Happy Holidays...


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